About Us

We set out the make a better wax table when we spent very good money some years ago and were quite disappointed with a competitor’s model. We wanted to create a table that was easy to set up, travelled without damage, and stood up to years of hard use. We talked with our coaching friends to find out what they thought made for a great wax table. We also asked them about accessories they’d like to use. Prototypes were tried and shown and tested. In the end we created what has been called the world’s best wax table by people who know what they are talking about. Teams who rely on their tables and use them hard have been our chief clients and we are delighted to see them at all the college and regional races. Individuals who are serious about their waxing have choices for smaller bench top systems or solo tables. We have also gotten orders to customize waxing trailers or wax rooms. Our patented foot clamp is a delight to use and stands up to constant use in the field. Our overarching goal is zero failure of any part of the systems. We love hearing from the skiers who use them or who are interested in upgrading their waxing facilities. We also love to hear suggestions for continued improvements or new accessories.