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March Madness 30% off sale!

We have a 30% sale for the month of March for everything we sell (limited to inventory on hand!)  Enter the code

marchmadness2019  to get your savings!  Oh, and spread the word to your friends!

Roller ski technique!

Ideally the technique on pavement is no different than that on the snow.  But, if your poles slip on the pavement your technique goes out the window!  So, get new road ferrules and get a way to keep them sharp.  Your poles don’t slip in the winter – don’t let them do that in the summer!  We have great ferrules and a fantastic diamond file – check them out on the website

foot clamp without table

Used Foot clamps for sale!

We have two very lightly used foot clamps for sale.  Here is your chance to soup up your waxing like never before.  Warning: there is no going back.  Ever.  Email us at to buy.  $135 ea plus shipping!  When they are gone there will be no more at this price.  Sorry…

PS – don’t forget about our March Madness Sale.  It ends in one more week!

Comments from our customers!

We love doing what we do in large part because of our customers.  Here is an unsolicited comment that just came in:

Hi Woodski,

First off, you guys make the best rollerskis I’ve ever used in nearly 20 years of rollerskiing, no contest. I’ve had Elpex, V2, Swenors and Marwes. My wife bought me a pair of your skate skis last summer and I can’t help but mention how much I enjoy them every time I go out training. I don’t know if my favorite part is the brake or the smooth ride of the wood body. Sweet.

Thank you!


March Madness Sale!

The end and the beginning…  Here in New England our little winter is over so roller skiing is right around the corner.  Time for our March Madness Sale!  Take 20% off every thing we make or carry!  From our fantastic roller skis to our outrageous foot clamp to the amazing New World wax table system – it is all on sale!  Enter March Madness 2016 in the coupon box on the cart page to get your discount.  Tell your friends!  Talk to your coach!  The sale lasts until the Ides of March (15th!) and quantities are limited so don’t wait until Caesar bought it…!

Birkie Fever? You bet!

We are coming to the Birkie and will have a well stocked booth at the expo.  Tables, roller skis, accessories – everything we sell we are bringing.  Can’t wait!  If you already roller ski on our skis or use our tables, make sure to stop by and say hello!IMG_0503

Reese Hanneman checks in – October training ideas

Reese’s thoughts about training this month:

Woodski Blog October 2015

October is kind of like getting called up to give that class presentation you’ve been working on for a while. Or, at least you were supposed to be working on it. Everyone is going to find out shortly if you really did your homework.

.This is the time of the training year when the intensity ramps up. Ideally, the summer would have been full of big hours and lots of threshold training; building a wicked base of aerobic development. But this kind of training doesn’t exactly make you fast; it makes you resilient. It makes you able to handle a lot of the training that does make you fast.

.This month is where we want to start focusing on the intensity workouts. The goal is to start practicing race specific speeds and terrain. Depending on the races that you are targeting, this could mean different things. Training for the Birkie or other long marathon races probably means lots of longer intervals above threshold. Sprints and 5ks? Better be stacking in those shorter, muscle-searing L4 intervals and powerful speeds. If youre targeting mid-distance races, then a healthy mix of those.

.Here are a couple things I like to keep in mind this time of year… These are very general, and are based on the assumption that you did do some solid base training during the summer months. I should also note that they are pseudo-scientific, and based off thousands and thousands of hours of my own experience, guided by coaches and people who really do know the science.

  • The focus should be on the intensity. No, you don’t want to cut out all the volume and distance training; but it should become secondary to the harder interval workouts.
  • Do what you need to do in order to have the best interval session you can. Being able to do one or two more intervals with perfect technique and a faster pace is much more valuable than an extra 15 minutes of slow running at the end of your afternoon workout.
  • If you are training only once a day, you are probably under time constraints. Don’t waste your time with junk hours. This is an often missed point by even very serious athletes… Get your intervals in, then do what you can to recover well. Then, the next day, get in one solid distance session. I would take a single, high-quality workout each day over two longer but less effective workouts, no question. Think about it; youll be in better shape, and have more time for life. You’ll ski faster, and your family, your spouse, your boss… will all thank you.
  • Take care of yourself. This time of year, the weather is colder and there are classes to rush off to, jobs to be at, yards to take care of, and all kinds of things to be done before the snow flies.
  • Change your clothes right after working out, no exceptions. Eat some simple carbs and a little bit of protein right after working out, no exceptions. This will help your body start the recovery process. If your body is exhausted, stressed out, cold, damp, dehydrated, and/or malnourished, good luck; you’ll be sick before you know it.

Looking towards the start of the race season, it’s important to know that you’ve spent the summer hardening the steel. Now, we want to take that hardened steel and hone it to a razor edge. It will take quite a bit of honing, and it wont be easy; that’s why we want to give ourselves every advantage that we can.

Want to demo Woodski roller skis?

Skiing on them is the best way to know how good they are.  So, if you are near a Boulder Nordic Sport location or if you are in NH, you can demo them!  We are doing a demo and clinic at Waterville Valley this coming Saturday, Sept 26.  More details and sign ups here:

Hope to see you there!  Or, visit a Boulder Nordic Sport store to arrange a demo on skate or classic skis.  Skiing is believing!

Feedback from our customers – we love it!

Recently got this feedback from a customer – I got the skis today and tried them out, they are fantastic!  I usually ski Marwe 610’s but the Woodskis seem to absorb vibrations on rough pavement better than anything I’ve ever tried.

Can’t make this stuff up!  Send us your thoughts about your roller skis – we love to know what  you think.

We are closing for two weeks of vacation

We are heading off to the Wind River range of WY for a week of climbing so we won’t be making roller skis or tables then.  If you need a pair of skis let us know right away – we will be able to fill orders until August 11th and then starting again August 25th.  Hope everyone is having a great summer of training and working out!