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Woodski athlete Ben Lustgarten at Lake Placid

Ben Lustgarten is training on Woodski skate and classic roller skis this season and here is what he has to say about them:

This summer of training is wrapping up with the US Ski Team camp at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center. It is a privilege to train with Simi, Andy, Ben Saxton, and Patty Caldwell, in addition to all of the talented girls at the camp. We started off the camp with some 4-minute uphill level 4 skate intervals. My new Woodski skate rollerskis held strong during the intervals and felt nice and smooth. They also were about the same speed as Simi and Andy’s Marwe rollerskis. I was able to stick with them on their first interval but they dropped me soon after. On Friday the team did sets of skate sprint starts on nice new blacktop near the OTC. Once again I used the Woodski skate rollerskis and they proved to be nice and fast. I have a lot of work to do to get faster and try and stick with these impressive athletes. Woodski rollerskis can definitely bring me to that level with a few more months of rollerskiing left to do this fall. 


Woodski goes retail!!!

Woodski is delighted to announce that our rollerskis and New World foot clamp will soon be offered at all three Boulder Nordic Sport locations in Colorado, Minnesota and Maine. Demo skate and classic skis will be available at all three stores allowing skiers to try before they buy.

Reese Hanneman on roller ski technique

Reese Hanneman, Woodski athlete and 2014 National Champion weighs in on the transitioning from snow to pavement and back again.  His perspective on roller skiing is very instructional!


Making the Transition Between Skating on Snow and Rollerskis


As a professional ski racer, I am lucky enough to have a little bit of a unique problem; I have to switch between training on snow and training on rollerskis multiple times during the summer. Now, I realize that this sounds ridiculous. However, when you consider that all of those European dudes, whom you watch mostly destroying everyone on the World Cup, spend a ton of time skiing on snow during the summer… it only makes sense. There’s no way I will be able to catch them if I am training any less, or any worse, than they are.

So I count myself extremely lucky to be a part of the APU Elite Team, and to have access to their summer on-snow training facility on Eagle Glacier. We go up there for a couple week-long camps over the summer, and it is a great place to put in huge hours.

This means that as many as 6 times a summer, I could be rollerskiing one week and then snow skiing the next, or vice versa.

The technique differences in skating are subtle, but important. We probably all know one of those people, who are much better at rollerskiing than they are at skiing on snow. This is often due to the differences in the surface; the much harder pavement rewards more power in both the poles and the ski push, whereas that same power might be lost in the soft snow if not applied quite right.

When I switch between the two, I try to remember the basic differences. High end race skis are lighter than rollerskis, but skis are way longer and more unwieldy. The edging is also different while skating; on rollerskis the rotation point when you tip the ski laterally is beneath the centerline of the foot; on skis, it is 2 cm off center.

Here are some basic rollerskiing tips that I try to keep in mind, when trying to replicate good snow skating technique:

-Remember that you don’t want to be swinging your ski tips around wildly. Pretend that your rollerskis extend way out in front of you like skis, and keep these imaginary tips in a narrow V in front of you.

-Don’t kick your skate rollerskis like a you would a rollerblade, with a stiff foot. Instead, let the foot and the sole of the boot flex and push off of the ball of your foot as your leg extends. It is this final snap with the calves that give world class skaters their speed.

Marit Bjoergen roller ski racing today in Oslo!!!!

Our international correspondant is in Oslo for the summer and took some great photos of the roller ski sprints that happened today (6.10.14)  Here is Marit hammering (she came in third in the finals!)  Note the brand new pavement put down specifically for this race…!

foot clamp without table

Foot clamp video!

New video of the foot clamp shows clearly how it works.  A top college coach said last winter “this is addictive!”  We agree.  It is blazingly fast, perfect for doing lots of skis, perfect for klistered skis, perfect for skis without bindings, just plain perfect.  Zach Caldwell took it to Sochi this winter – he can’t live without it.  Check it out!

Roller skiing for the rest of us…!

Great article in FasterSkier by Mark Vosburgh about beginning to roller ski.  He has been skiing on Woodski roller skis for several years now.  He even included our video of how to use the brake!  Thanks Mark!