Foot Clamp


The new, amazing foot clamp is here! Nothing like it in the world! Fast, easy and secure – this clamp will make waxers smile and smile! Zach Caldwell has this to say about the new clamp:
I’m totally spoiled by the foot-activated pneumatic vice in our shop. When I’ve been working a lot I tend to stamp on the floor everywhere I go, expecting doors to open, faucets to turn on, etc. Now I’ll be able to keep the foot-stamping signal strong when I do ski service on the road. The world’s best waxing table just got WAY better!

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The foot clamp uses an aluminum pedal and spring loaded clamp to hold the ski firmly. The clamp is positioned behind the binding next to the form. Pressing down on the pedal opens the clamp. Bike cable connects the pedal to the clamp. The jaws are aluminum with grip tape. They are low enough on the ski so that structure tools will pass over them easily. The entire clamp will fit inside the folded table for travel. By freeing up both hands for moving skis this unique clamp will make handling klistered skis easy. Anyone waxing lots of skis on race day will love this clamp! The foot clamp is available now for the New World table and fits many other popular tables as well. If you want to know if it will work on your table, send us an email or give us a call! Patent Pending.

Weight 4 lbs