Want to demo Woodski roller skis?

Skiing on them is the best way to know how good they are.  So, if you are near a Boulder Nordic Sport location or if you are in NH, you can demo them!  We are doing a demo and clinic at Waterville Valley this coming Saturday, Sept 26.  More details and sign ups here:


Hope to see you there!  Or, visit a Boulder Nordic Sport store to arrange a demo on skate or classic skis.  Skiing is believing!


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  1. I would like to order a pair of skate skis with pilot bindings.
    The choice categories don’t really fit, i.e., under 125 or under 185 doesn’t exactly describe my 145 lbs. Boot size is 42. I’m not sure what kind of wheels I want. I want resistance and snow simulation, not too much glide, but also am not in great shape… medium? Is there an off road wheel? I think I will mostly be on rough surfaces.


    p.s. I have never tried wood skis. Isn’t there some kind of satisfaction guarantee?

    • Hi Paige – so sorry that this feature of the website has not been working until now so we didn’t see your comment. Our medium shaft maxes out at 185 – your weight will put you in the middle of the range for the shaft so it will be great for you. Most folks like two medium wheels as that feels like snow speed, but we always allow buyers to swap wheels once they have had a chance to try them. We don’t do an off road wheel as they are really too heavy for good technique. We do have a 30 day, money back, no questions asked policy. Try them and if you don’t like them, just send them back. Right now we are having our annual sale where you can also save 20%. Check out the website. Thanks!

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